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Joe Walus: Buy

CD's Available through

All CD's $13.00 each, includes shipping within the Continental U.S.
To order ,go to my contact page,email us,Tell us what you want to order, we'll get your order processed.
Or send $13.00 to:
2665 county road J
Abrams, Wi. 54101

"Singin 'In The Saddle"

1. Singin' In The Saddle"
2. Ridin'
3. Colorado Trail
4. Riding With The Duke
5. Rainbow Range
6. Cowboy's Choosin'
7. Wild Ripplin' Waters /
Home On The Range
8. Sedona Sue
9. The Night Rider
10. Nebraska
11. The Gray
12.Rounded Up In Glory

"Ride Into The Past "

1. Ride Into The Past
2. Fiesta
3. Cowboy Jack
4. Red River Valley
5. Windy Bill
6. Big Texas Moon
7. Old Paint
8. One Ranger
9. I'm Going To Leave Old Texas
10. Streets Of Laredo
11. Down In The Valley
12.Tyin' Knots In The Devils Tail

"Just A Cowboy"

1. Just A Cowboy
2. Waiting For The Midnight Train
3. The Night Guard
4. Red River Waltz
5. The Christmas Trail
6. Little Joe The Wrangler
7. Ridin' The Storm Out Again
8. Git Along Little Dogies
9. Utah Carroll
10. Roundup In The Spring
11. Border Affair
12. The Dying Cowboy Of Rimrock

Beyond the Purple Sage

1. Beyond the Purple Sage
2. I Could Never Be a Sailor
3. Me and Charley
4. Song of the Linerider
5. Even Cowboy's Get the Blues
6. They Don't Pull the Wagon Anymore
7. Bloody Sunday
8. I Wish I Could Write One
9. Wyatt Earp
10. Old Saddle
11. Wheel of Life
12.See You Down the Trail

Tonight We Ride

1. Tonight We Ride
2. Three Old Desperados
3. Cowboy Is My Name
4. The Cowboy The Painter And The Poet
5. The Legend
6. Cowtown
7. The Night I Broke The Law In Old Cheyenne
8. Ride, Ride, Ride
9. That Old Cowboy Charm
10. Deep In The Heart Of A Cowboy
11. Free And Easy
12. Steamboat